Fundamentals of my work.

Fundamentals of my work.

How I work:

Your request, your area of concern, your question – and thus, your personal, actual benefit – is at the centre of my work. Be it as an individual, a team, an organisation. My work isn’t about my ego, it’s not about being right, not about dry, dogmatic knowledge – it is about finding pragmatic, custom-made, and thus effective interventions for you.
Together, we discover and explore connections and interactions in your work. Together, we reflect on these – and develop workable alternatives. I will not provide timeless truths, but instead we will work on solutions that fit your environment, your organisation, your reality.
All this happens in a protected and protecting, appreciative environment – where changes can be discovered, explored and established.
A true co-operation on eye-level.
Aimed at sustainable change.


What you bring along:

You are not afraid to look in the mirror.
You are interested in what is outside your box.
Your are curious to explore the white areas on your personal map.
You have the courage to change.
And you can smile about yourself.


What you might also want to know:

I truly value long-term and sustainable working relationships with my clients. Thus, I shall always try to spot potential conflicts of interest early on in the process and – keeping confidentiality at all times – will address them as quickly and effectively as possible.
My work with individuals, teams and organisations is based on the recommendations and guidelines of the DBVC. I support the DBVC’s pursuit of actually rendering the German coaching profession more professional.
As a consequence, I have my client work regularly supervised by a senior supervisor.


Who or what else is in the box?

There are times when I am unable to provide the required expertise, professional background or – yes, it happens – time to properly serve a particular client’s needs. Thus, I sometimes like to refer clients to a few select, experienced colleagues who hold themselves and their work to a similarly high standard of quality as I do.
At present, I have access to a robust and reliable network of professionals offering the following content expertise: advanced sales/persuasion, HR management, mediation, employee evaluation, brand building and positioning, crisis communications, and in case of therapeutic support.