Trainings and Keynotes

Content and inspiration.

Trainings and Keynotes
Content and inspiration.


Training are supposed to be effective.
Training are supposed to be relevant.
Training are supposed to be – yes, that too – fun.
In order live up to these expectations, trainings have to be tailor-made.
They have to fit your organisation. And have to fit the intended purpose.
They have to fit your employees. The participants.
Their expectations. Their knowledge. Their preferences.

Therefore, when I design a training for you, I will spend quite some time in advance to get to know you and your organisational environment.
Your intentions. Your goals.
What do you “really” want to achieve with this training? What should be better or different after the training?
This way, we create a training that fits you. That has the intended effect. That delivers.



It is easy – and tempting – to overload, to clutter trainings. Simply cram as much as possible in as little time as possible.
The most likely outcome: Overwhelmed participants (and trainers). Nothing or little learned. No fun. And no effect.
Thus, we have to plan trainings carefully. We have to reduce, to boil the trainings down to the essentials.
Like good design, it is about stripping away the superfluous to improve the resulting effect.
To allow time for reflexion. To have space for effective ways of trying, experiencing, learning. To change.

I currently offer trainings centred on the following topics:

  • Leadership
  • Leadership for New Leaders
  • Executive Presence and Public Speaking
  • Communication
  • Change and Change Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Project Management
  • Consulting-specific topics: Client Interaction, Presence + Presentations, Public Speaking, Time Management


Sometimes, a little nudge is enough. A small push. A spark.
An interesting keynote.
A talk that inspires thought.
A new story yet unheard.
Not a lecture. Please. None of that reading out of prefabricated, dull phrases. Tried and tested. Boring.
Instead, something fresh.
I would be happy to provide such a spark.
My keynotes are up-to-date.
They are relevant.
And fun.
Yes. My keynotes are not only based on years of practical experiences and insights, inspired by trips to the interesting continents of natural sciences, business and change. No, there is another ingredient:
Over ten years of improv theatre have left their marks on my style, I guess. Stage experience. Quick on my feet.
So it definitely won’t be boring.


Topics of keynotes

  • An Enlightened View of Leadership
  • “And that too …” – Leadership for Young Leaders
  • Career GPS – (Re-)Orientation for Job and Calling
  • Change: Tools and Obstacles
  • How Not to Turn a Crisis into a Disaster
  • “Happily Ever After …” – Storytelling in Organisations
  • How and Why Coaching Works
  • Improvisation in Business