Teams and Organisations.

Growing further together.

Teams and Organisations
Growing further together.

Sometimes, we seem to be stuck – as a team or as an entire organisation.
It appears to be impossible to advance.
We don’t see the wood for the trees.
Or we try to think “out of the box”, alas, we find ourselves unable to open the lid to get out.
Maybe we even forgot that outside the box, there might be new things. Not simply more boxes.

We, as an organisation, may also try to do things differently. Again and again.
And somehow – after lots of work and seminars without end – it kind of works out.
Yet after a while – a bit like in an M. C. Escher painting – we find ourselves exactly where we didn’t want to be.
Where we started.


Change needs courage.
Change needs distance from one’s own actions.

And sometimes a new framework.
Even before one tries to begin – and establish – sustainable change, it helps to address a few questions in advance.
Here are some of them:

Where do we want to be?
Why do we want to be there?
What is supposed to be different there?
And is »different« automatically »better«?
What is holding us back?
What are we willing to give up?

Asking and answering these kind of questions isn’t always easy.
It’s not even comfortable at times.
Yet, it can be exciting.


Change can be fun. And needs leadership.

I would like to be the coach for your team, your organisation on this road to change.
We will always keep the big picture in mind.
We will respect connections and dependencies.
We will notice what works.
What is to be kept. Protected. Expanded maybe.
What keeps the business afloat.
We don’t want to repaint the floorboards on the promenade deck while the engine room is under water.
Change in the sense of “change leadership” (as opposed to simply “change management”) can sometimes unleash surprising energies in organisations.
And quite often, it’s the small things which have substantial impact.
En route to sustainable change.