Pit Stop

A new set of tires for your thinking.
Express coaching – one hour, one session.

Pit Stop: Express Coaching
A new set of tires for your thinking.

The idea

Your organisation would like to – or maybe has to – change something.
And would like to use coaching as a tool. Or at least try it out. As a team or as individuals.
However, few leaders in your organisation know coaching.
Maybe, where you are, coaching has a bad reputation.
Maybe people think only the weak need a coach.
Or some have heard of coaching. However, they cannot quite get their heads around what it really is.
Maybe, only a few have tried it out – and know how effective good coaching can be.

Pit Stop offers your leaders a simple, accessible way to experience coaching as a tool for change.

The Pit Stop

I visit your organisation, your team for a day. Or half a day. On site.
A day a month, maybe every other month. It’s up to you.
Your leaders can then reserve appointments on that day.
Each session lasts one hour. Sixty minutes only.
It is entirely non-obligatory.
It is entirely confidential.
All your leaders bring along are their issues. Their questions. Stuff on their minds.
And within that hour, they can benefit from professional coaching: New perspectives. Alternatives.
A different view. A fresh start.
The groundwork for sustainable change.
All within sixty minutes.
Why not?

Pit Stop: A new set of tires for your thinking.