Four eyes. At eye level.

Four eyes. At eye level.

You’re looking for a coach?

Or you are wondering whether coaching is the right approach for your matter of concern?
You are looking for a coach with a solid business background. He needs to understand the economy. Its language. Its rules. Its fascination.
Your coach should have leadership experience. So that he can understand your situation, your environment, your role, and your business constraints more easily.
Your possibilities, your boundary conditions. Anticipating potential resistance – not only from your organisation.
Thus, together with your coach, you can identify the truly realistic options. Find the effective alternatives. Sort the chaff from the wheat.
Your coach has to work with what’s available. Pragmatic and solution-oriented.
No deep dives into the past. Instead, a clear and realistic view at what’s ahead.
You also expect your coach to have a solid, proven education – and to have successfully worked in the field of leadership coaching for over a decade.
Sound’s like a good fit.

A brief overview of select coaching issues I had the pleasure of working on:

  • Leadership supervision of C-level executives and board members (“Looking for a sparring partner”)
  • Furthering personal business development (“I would like to be more XYZ”)
  • Support in leadership crises or doubts (“Why doesn’t that work (any more)?”)
  • Improving a leader’s presence and presentation style (“When I talk, I’d like people to listen”)
  • Assisting young leaders transitioning into their first leadership positions (“Arriving and letting go”)
  • Rebooting cooperation of leadership teams or “double heads” (“Truly working together”)
  • Personal business re-orientation (“What is it I really want?”)
  • Turning institutional, personal feedback into action (“So, what does this mean for me?”)


What is the coaching process?

You have a question, an issue, a matter of concern.
Or maybe just a first, rough idea.
A sketch. Or a detailed plan.
You get in contact – and we meet for a first, short conversation.
We meet in order to clarify your question.
To work out what exactly it is you want to get out of the coaching.
We manage expectations.
We establish the guardrails, the ins and outs of our co-operation.
And we get to know each other. Since interpersonal chemistry is important in coaching.
Then it is up to you to decide if – and when – you would like to proceed.

A brief overview of the fundamentals of my work can be found here.